No matter whether your business is a new venture, entering a new market or needs to breathe new life into an existing brand, armkandi have the expertise and experience to give your business a competitive advantage.

We specialise in brand creation, we understand how to create brands that work for your business. We do this by taking a holistic approach to brand creation, taking all the elements that make up a brand into account, including your corporate goals, values and ethos as well as your target markets.

By building your new brand on strong foundations, we ensure that it is not only visually stunning, memorable and relevant to your business but that it’s supported throughout your organisation. This means that our brand development process can start to improve your business before your new brand is even created.

Many people confuse logos with brands because the part of the brand that most people see is the logo

It is important to understand that while a logo forms part of the brand, it is not a brand in itself

The best way to think about our philosophy to logo and brand development is to consider the brand as an iceberg. The logo and other visual elements are what the general public sees while the greater part of the brand, its foundations, is what is under the water, supporting the visual elements.

These foundations are made up of a company’s goals and objectives, which gives the organisation a clear direction and are supported by the business strategy, plans and projects. The second pillar is the ethos and culture of the business which must be aligned with the corporate identity. Finally, the brand will be aligned with the way in which the organisation is to be perceived and will help differentiate the business from its competitors.


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Consultancy Available From £50.00 per hour

Logo Creation From: £150.00

Brand Creation From: £300.00